Times of Israel: Open Your Eyes and See the Miracle

A return to our homeland. A rebirth and flourishing. The successes and failures, achievements and mistakes that come with sovereignty. The freedom, opportunity, and security in who we are.
That’s the miracle I’ll be celebrating as Israel turns 70 this week. Read more here.

Sally Says: What's the Opposite of a 'Selfie'?

Among the many tributes to Barbara Bush, three words stood out for me, a trio that offers a concise philosophy on how to live. More here. 

TC Jewfolk: Find a Jerusalem of Beauty, Complexity, and Humanity in Sarah Tuttle-Singer's First Book:

Sarah Tuttle-Singer wrestles with complexity alongside her unshakable love for Israel. My review of her forthcoming book, sure to be a must-read for years to come.

TC Jewfolk: Yossi Klein Halevi's New Book is Call From the Heart to His Palestinian Neighbor:

 Yossi Klein Halevi manages the most difficult juggle of all: He embodies an unshakable attachment to Israel, a commitment to Jewish peoplehood, and a deep empathy for his Palestinian neighbors. It's a must-read for everyone. My review is  here

Israel HaYom:

Proud to have an article featured in the Hebrew language media! In this essay I describe my experiences teaching Israeli students about Jewish life in America, something they know almost nothing about. If you can read Hebrew, check this out!  Prefer the English version? Click here.

Welcome!  Israel, Jewish life, and parenting are the topics I love to write and speak about. My online essays have appeared in the Times of Israel, Kveller, TCJewfolk, and have been shared widely on social media. Hundreds of audiences in schools, churches and civic groups have heard me present a mainstream Jewish perspective on Israel and/or Judaism. I believe deeply in the power of words to educate, illuminate, and inspire.

I'm a native of the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul), a wife, mother of seven (four by birth, three by marriage) and Nana to a rapidly growing number of grandchildren.

If you want to learn more about Israel's wonders and challenges, find inspiration in generation-to-generation Jewish life, or simply get some fresh ideas for great meals, you've come to the right place!

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